A complete list, hopefully, of all the things I've made vids for.

On ownership:

You don't need my permission to make art, record podfic, remix, critique, translate, save, share or other reuse and interact with anything I've done. I'd love it if you'd share a link with me when you're done, however.

On warnings:

I'll do my best to put up clear signs and warnings of things that others may find triggering. Elements that I'll warn for, if appropriate, include consent issues (whether real or part of a roleplaying scenario), 'on screen' major character death, substance abuse and themes of depression/self-harm/suicide, and so forth. If anyone has doubts about whether or not they can safely view anything I've done, please contact me either by PM or email and I will answer your questions to the best of my ability.

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Thank God for Girls (a cast of thousands)

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Army of Me (live, die, repeat) (Rita and Cage)
Army of Me (live, die, repeat) Gag Reel
Full Metal March (Cambreadth to the Edge) (Rita-focused)

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The Storm (on Fury Road) (Furiosa and Max)

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You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate (ensemble)

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Between Worlds (Miller & Mao)
Dear Festividder,

Here's my requests for this year. Not to worry, I'm pretty easy-going when it comes to receiving vids -- you're making a vid for me, after all, so thank you in advance!

* The Expanse (series): I've loved the visionary, system-spanning scope of this show since I first saw it, and the broad ensemble of characters offers a wide range of possibilities. I'm interested in something to do with the crew as a whole, something to do with Detective Miller, or anything to do with Martian Gunnery Sergeant Bobbie Draper. Bonus points if you somehow manage to relate and/or include scenes from The Martian (2016) (which I note is also on the tags list, and which (IIRC) canonically did happen in the history of the book series).

* The Sarantine Mosaic (Guy Gavriel Kay) (books): I have no idea how this might be adapted into vid form -- I imagine there'll be some accomplished scavenging involved from shows and movies like Rome, Gladiator, Spartacus, Casanova, Dangerous Beauty, or other such -- but I found the duology tremendously enjoyable, and I'd be fascinated to see any vid focused on them. Feel free to experiment with whatever strikes your fancy!

* Stand Still Stay Silent (webcomic): This webcomic (viewable at http://www.sssscomic.com) has been a favorite of mine since I first discovered it a few years back. It's terrifying and astoundingly good, filled with amazing and horrifying post-apocalyptic imagery. I'd enjoy anything to do with the expedition crew, but especially anything involving Sigrun or Lalli.

* Journeyman (2007 series): This glorious, complex show from back in 2007 didn't get a long enough run before getting screwed by the newtork, sad to say -- just 10 episodes before the writer's strike that year shut a lot of things down. That said, the performances are top-notch and the plots (while a situation-of-the-week fix-what-once-went-wrong episodic format) interrelate from week to week over the course of the show, and there's definitely a larger plot arc that was planned before the early cancellation. I'd be interested in anything you care to put together -- but bonus points for using songs from the 70's, 80's, or 90's.

* Baby Driver (2017) [SAFETY]: I loved, loved, LOVED, this recent Edgar Wright film. The whole way it was put together is almost like a fanvid in and of itself! If you decide to vid this, go crazy and do anything you'd like -- I'll be curious to see what the end result is!

* Westworld (series): This HBO series has been a dark, speculative-future favorite of mine since I saw the pilot episode, and I love both the twisty plotting and enigmatic motivations as much as I do the growth in characterization over the course of the show. I'd like anything to do with either Dolores or Maeve -- and please, nothing to do with Logan in any sizable way.

* The Man in the High Castle (series): Based on the Philip K Dick novel, this alternative-history show (wherein the Nazis and Imperial Japanese won WW2 and occupied North America) is a twisted, dystopian look at how things might have gone -- and yet the performances and the twisty intrigues fascinate me. With two 10-episode seasons completed, there's a reasonable amount of vid-footage available. I'm most curious to see something about Juliana Crane, but beyond that I encourage you to create whatever strikes your fancy.
fandom: Multifandom (Agent Carter (TV), Jessica Jones (TV), Serenity (2005), Wild (2014), Harry Potter (Movies), Edge of Tomorrow (2014), Game of Thrones (TV), Kill Bill (Movies), The Cabin in the Woods (2011), Iron Man (Movies), Justified (TV), Deadpool (2016), Aliens (1986), Blindspot (TV), The Fifth Element (1997), Daredevil (TV), Mad Max Series (Movies), Sky High (2005), Alias (TV), The Matrix (Movies), The Italian Job (2003), Enemy at the Gates (2001), Léon | The Professional (1994), Smokin' Aces (2006), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV), Farscape (TV), The Mask of Zorro (1998), Wò Hǔ Cáng Lóng | Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (2003), Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back, Dogma (1999) )
characters: lots
music: Weezer, "Thank God for Girls"
content notes: lots and lots of quick cuts, typically timed to match with the music. no sex or nudity, no violence beyond PG-13.
summary: There's a lot to be said for women being awesome and badass -- especially since in many cases, they're even more so than the men they stand alongside.
notes: This one's for AO3's shuofthewind.

Thank God for Girls )
fandom: The Expanse
characters: Detective Joe Miller, Julie Mao, and the protomolecule
music: Zack Hemsey, "Waiting Between Worlds"
content notes: as per the series - broadcast TV caliber sci-fi violence, bloodshed, infection, deaths (various), transmutation, transcendence. spoilers for all of season 1 of The Expanse.
summary: Juliette Andromeda Mao... Josephus Aloisus Miller... Maybe they both need a rescue. Maybe it's just the end of their days. Or maybe, just maybe, they believe they can save each other.
notes: This is the first fanvid I've done which focused on a series, rather than on a movie. I admit, going in, I didn't realize just how much footage that meant I'd need to review in putting all the pieces of this together. Thus there was lots of editing, switching of various clips for others, the late-in-the-process insertion of a prologue of sorts (noting that Detective Miller had initially been assigned to track Julie Mao down, rather than just making him look like some random stalker type), and so forth and so on.

For some reason, the pairing-up of Detective Miller and Julie Mao rang a chord in me. They're opposites on so many levels. Miller is most likely an orphan, raised in poverty by the governing dole on Ceres, grown to adulthood and tying his life and career to a corrupt peacekeeping authority. Mao is the daughter of one of the wealthiest families in the solar system, who grew up presumably given every gift and opportunity, who rebelled against the corruption of the Inner-planets oligarchy her father wields enormous power in. And yet, somehow, these two polar opposites from completely different worlds end up... well... watch and see. :)

Between Worlds )
fandom: Edge of Tomorrow (a gift for Mithborien in Festivids 2015)
characters: Rita Vrataski, Rita Vrataski, Rita Vrataski, and some extras
music: Heather Alexander, "March of Cambreadth"
content notes: as per the movie, war violence against aliens, mostly non-bloody
summary: Because Rita Vrataski is a badass, and more than capable enough to tell her own adventure.
notes: Mithborien requested an Edge of Tomorrow vid that focused more on Rita than on Cage, and I did my best to comply.

Full Metal March (Cambreadth to the Edge) )
fandom: Edge of Tomorrow (for findthesea in Festivids 2015)
characters: William Cage, Rita Vrataski, a cast of thousands (plus varied cameos by Mimics)
music: various, plus lots of stolen dialogue from various movies
content notes: as per the movie, war violence against aliens, mostly non-bloody (though hilariously revoiced) violence
summary: Because I had more ideas than the original Festivids assignment could contain, I had to throw them all together for a few laughs.
notes: In the course of creating my Festivids assignment, I had more than a few moments where I considered doing something ridiculous and silly. A lot of those I stored away for later, and put together in this gag reel. Enjoy!

Army of Me (live, die, repeat) Gag Reel )
fandom: Edge of Tomorrow (for findthesea in Festivids 2015)
characters: William Cage, Rita Vrataski, a cast of thousands (plus varied cameos by Mimics)
music: Bjork & Skunk Anansie, "Army of Me"
content notes: as per the movie, war violence against aliens, mostly non-bloody violence, and an early scene where Cage gets his face melted
summary: Both Rita and Cage have had to become an army all by themselves. It's at least a little easier to do so together.
notes: Probably the most complex vid I'd created at that point, but a hell of a lot of fun to create. This was the first time I'd really screwed around with changing speeds and lots of quick edits, and it went through around 9 or 10 versions before I was happy with the result. In the end, in defiance of the song title, it's about two one-person armies working together to solve a problem neither of them could manage alone.

Army of Me (live, die, repeat) )
fandom: Star Wars (classic trilogy)
music: Zoey van Goey, "You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate"
characters: Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, R2D2, C3PO, the Millenium Falcon, and assorted mooks in Imperial uniforms. Oh, and occasional Ewoks.
content notes: 80's era PG-rated standard warnings apply.
summary: Let's face it - our pitiful little band of rebels do the craziest things for each other.
notes: Back before Episode VII got released, I was all amped up and excited to see it. Naturally, this lead to some rewatching of the original trilogy, and that, combined with this Zoey van Goey song which would not leave my head, resulted in me imagining Luke complaining that someone had told the bad guys he had special badass combat powers. This was my first big experiment in occasionally playing around with speed rates, and combined a lot of somewhat random clips that somewhat matched up with lyrics, because this is totally a crackvid at heart. Enjoy!

You Told The Drunks I Knew Karate. )
fandom: Mad Max Fury Road
characters: Furiosa, Max, the canon-typical supporting cast
music: Of Monsters & Men, "Thousand Eyes"
content notes: lots of quick cuts towards the latter half of the vid (does that actually need to be noted for a fanvid? :) )
summary: Like two fierce winds they meet, intermingling to form a force stronger than either apart.
notes: Originally, I heard this song and went "that's a Furiosa song", but in the course of grabbing footage I realized it was as much about the two of them coming together like winds or weather fronts, intertwining, pushing together to create such a maelstrom that the world will not be the same in their wake... and then, their energy spent, each goes their own way, leaving so many things which had seemed unbreakable shattered behind them. Thus: The Storm )
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