himundergreen ([personal profile] himundergreen) wrote2016-02-15 02:28 pm

[vid] "Army of Me (live, die, repeat)" (Edge of Tomorrow)

fandom: Edge of Tomorrow (for findthesea in Festivids 2015)
characters: William Cage, Rita Vrataski, a cast of thousands (plus varied cameos by Mimics)
music: Bjork & Skunk Anansie, "Army of Me"
content notes: as per the movie, war violence against aliens, mostly non-bloody violence, and an early scene where Cage gets his face melted
summary: Both Rita and Cage have had to become an army all by themselves. It's at least a little easier to do so together.
notes: Probably the most complex vid I'd created at that point, but a hell of a lot of fun to create. This was the first time I'd really screwed around with changing speeds and lots of quick edits, and it went through around 9 or 10 versions before I was happy with the result. In the end, in defiance of the song title, it's about two one-person armies working together to solve a problem neither of them could manage alone.

stream without subtitles: